Appliance Service of Logan NM in Clovis, NM

By | April 17, 2023

Refrigerator Repair

The team at Appliance Service of Logan NM in Clovis, NM has been in the appliance repair business since the 60s. Whether your appliance is the most expensive or the cheapest on the block, they have got you covered. They offer the latest and greatest in energy saving technologies and are the ones to call when your air conditioning unit is on the fritz. Their tech gurus have an enviable track record in keeping your duct work intact and your A/C running cool. They also have an illustrious customer base that includes the likes of the rich and famous. The team specializes in both residential and commercial HVAC applications. They are the best of the best in their respective fields. They are proud of their BBB accreditation and are a pillar of the community.

Washer Repair

Washing machines get a lot of wear and tear over time. If yours has been damaged by water or a heavy load, it may need professional repair. You can also avoid common washer repairs with some simple maintenance.

Clean the drain pump filter regularly – coins, receipts, buttons and other small items can clog the filter, slowing down the flow of water. It should be cleaned at least once a month.

Keep the washer level – An out-of-level washing machine will stop spinning and cause damage to your clothes. Luckily, most washers are designed to detect this problem and automatically stop. To fix this, use a bubble level and adjust the legs of your washing machine until it is level.

Your washer isn’t turning on – Check the lid switch (a small plastic piece under the lid). If it’s faulty, call a repair expert to help.

The washer doesn’t drain – If your washer won’t drain, it’s probably a clogged pump or hose. A clogged pump can be tricky to repair, so let an Appliance Service of Logan NM technician take a look.

Your washing machine makes a loud noise – It’s not uncommon for washing machines to make strange sounds during operation. Depending on the type of washer, these can range from rattling to grinding or crunching.

Dryer Repair

If your dryer won’t dry clothes or makes noises, you may have a problem with the drum support rollers or belts. If so, replace them. If the drum is too off-balance, it can vibrate and cause other problems.

If you are able to stop the drying cycle and look inside, it is possible that something is stuck in the door switch or coated with lint. Clean these areas with a cotton swab and a little bit of rubbing alcohol to fix this issue.

Your dryer’s owner’s manual should provide instructions on how to test and troubleshoot the unit. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for your model and the issue you are experiencing.

You can also find help from the manufacturer’s customer service hotline or live chat. Many of these have forums that offer clues about specific problems.

Your appliance should last a decade or so, and if it is nearing the end of its life, you can save money by repairing it yourself rather than replacing it with a new one. However, it is a good idea to have a dryer repair professional come in periodically to monitor the machine’s performance and address any issues before they become too serious. This way you can keep your dryer in good working condition and avoid a costly replacement.