Candy King Sour Straws ~ Disposable Vape Review

Revel in the classic flavor of your favorite cornerstone candy with this marvelous freebase eJuice from Candy King!

Sour Straws features the lip-smacking fruitiness of tangy blue raspberry straws covered with mouth-puckering sugar.

Every inhale drenches your tongue in artificially tangy blue raspberries before sweet n’ sour notes clash for one fantastic flavor experience!

Blue Raspberry

You’ll love the sweet and tangy flavor of this classic candy treat. This candy-inspired e-liquid is an ADV that will have you vaping for hours at a time.

Our masterful artisan crafters searched the world to find the finest and juiciest blue raspberries to use in our delicious candy recipe. These berries were crushed into a thick and chunky blue raspberry compote that was then mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and pure cane sugar. This mixture was then poured into a giant vat and formed into long straw-shaped candies that were dusted with even more sweet and sour sugar.

On the inhale, you’ll notice the instant blast of tangy and juicy blue raspberry flavor that engulfs your taste buds and makes them sing for joy. On the exhale, you’ll experience that mouth-puckering sour candied notes that clash with and complement the fresh fruity blue raspberry flavor to create one of the most unique and exquisite vaping experiences you’ve ever had.


Sour Straws E-Liquid from Candy King combines notes of sweet tangy blue raspberries and mouth puckering sour candy to create a delicious eJuice that is sure to become your new vape flavor favorite!

On the inhale, a blast of tangy blue raspberry will soak your taste buds while the sour candied notes clash and fuse together to create an experience that will leave you with a smile on your face.

For those who love to take a trip down memory lane, this candy flavored E-Liquid will have you craving that classic pack of blue raspberry straws candy covered in sugar for the ultimate sweet and sour flavor explosion. Available in a 100ml bottle, Candy King Sour Straws brings all the lip-smacking fruity goodness that you remember from your childhood into this incredible eJuice!

Green Apple

A fresh and tangy green apple with a classic candy twist. The perfect flavor to savor down to the last bite.

Drip More is a brand devoted to perfectly recreating your favorite nostalgic candies from back in the day and this particular flavor is no exception. Relive your childhood days with this tangy and sweet treat that will satisfy all your cravings for something fruity and satisfying at the same time.


Get ready to enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with this stunning recreation of your favorite candy flavors. Now crafted even more beautifully thanks to the addition of nicotine salts for superior satisfaction.


If you want to puff on a sweet sour candy flavor that’s guaranteed to have your mouth-puckering like a child’s play then reach for this E-Liquid. This sour-sweet treat from Candy King comes on salt nicotine to give you that extra boost of flavor and satisfaction.

This classic candy is made from a blue raspberry compote that’s been dusted in sweet and sour sugar crystals and then molded into straw-shaped candies. As you inhale the sweet and sour flavors will explode over your taste buds leaving you with a mouth-puckering flavor that’s bound to be your new ADV.

BAZOOKA SOUR STRAWS is a must-have from Candy King. This e-liquid will satisfy all vapers who desire a rush of sweet and sour classic candies. It comes in a large bottle with a dynamic fog base of 70/30 VG/PG so you can get the most out of each vaping session. Try this amazing treat today.